The day Amador learned to sew

We have followed the sweet and entertaining Amador “Amadoreros” on YouTube for some time as he flics trough Tilda books, and “houl’s” about products from his craft room in the US.
He has a passion for life, craft and quirkiness, and inspires many with his honest and humorous approach.

For a long time he has prepared to learn to sew. Collecting books and ordering fabric and accessories.
A little while ago (we didn’t discover it until now) he had a breakthrough.

His joy is infectious as three very pretty new Tilda strawberries see the light.
He later moved on to a Tilda doll, planning to get more and more advanced, but here is the clip of the day Amador learned how to sew. And his message is “Everyone can do it!”

We all have to start somewhere, and Amador will almost certainly inspire those of you that want to learn to sew from scratch.

Best of luck!


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