The Tilda Friends concept consists of a selection of matching
characters that all fit the same size clothes.
Look out for cute outfits and new Friends in the coming year.

Please do not print and resell our free patterns. Shops are welcome to kit our patterns provided they use Tilda fabrics and refer to for the explanation.

TILDA BASIC PRODUCTS for doll making


A soft thicker Chambray quality woven with tone in tone colors, perfect for Tilda dolls and animals.

Doll fabric 140001 Biscuit

Doll fabric 140002 Caramel

Doll fabric 140003 Sand

Doll fabric 140004 Stone


Soft Baby Merino Wool doll hair, perfect for Fia and other Tilda dolls. Comes as mini yarn balls.

140055 Dark Brown

140054 Brown

140053 Ash Blonde

140052 Blonde

140051 Fog

140050 Sage