Free Patterns

Soft Star Quilt

Just two patchwork blocks are used for this lovely quilt, both with the same layout but with a different balance of fabrics. There are two other versions of this quilt – a lilac/blue and a red/grey – see for the free patterns.

Finished Size
58¼in x 73in (148cm x 185.4cm)

Scrap Angel Quilts

The sweetest angels with rosy cheeks and plump hair buns adorn this beautiful quilt. The blocks are framed by simple sashing. Another version of this quilt is available from, in soft teal and lilac colours.

Finished Size
53in x 74in (134.6cm x 188cm)

Brave tin soldier Quilt

This charming quilt is based on the poignant Hans Christian Andersen story of a steadfast one-legged tin soldier, who falls in love with a pretty ballerina. There are just two blocks in the quilt but the various parts of each block require many pieces to build up the various motifs that play a part in the story. Close attention to the diagrams and careful measuring will help you make a quilt that is sure to be treasured for years.

Finished Size
59in x 78in (150cm x 198cm)

Scrap Angel Stocking

This luxury, oversized stocking filled with gifts would be every child’s dream on Christmas morning – plenty of room for all sorts of delightful presents!

Finished Size
19in x 32in (48.3cm x 81.3cm)

Pyjama Santa

Pyjama Santa

Finished Size 62 cm

Angel Mouse

Angel Mouse

Finished Size 48 cm

Angel Scraps Garland

Angel Garland

Finished Size approx 150 cm

Cosy stripe Quilt

This quilt is very easy to make as it is just blocks of rectangles separated by strips of vertical sashing. The print rectangles can be cut from a fat eighth.

Finished Size 50in x 70in (127cm x 178cm).

(New file uploaded Nov. 4th 2019)

Cosy stripe Pillow

The striped design used for the Cosy Stripe Quilt can be adapted easily to make some large floor cushions and a version with blue Tea Towel Basics fabrics is described here, but you could also make a companion pillow by changing the sashing to teal colours.

Finished size 32in x 30in (81.3cm x 76.2cm).

Village Quilt

This charming quilt is easier to make than it seems, creating a bright and fresh quilt that will look good all year long. Decorative extras in the form of patterned buttons and sweet little appliquéd bees add a special touch.

Finished Size 50in x 62½in (127cm x 159cm)

Village pillow

Why not make this pretty pillow to accompany the Plum Garden Village Quilt? It features the same blocks as the quilt but in different colours and you only need to make one row of houses and one row of trees.

Finished size 26in x 16in (66cm x 40.6cm)

Plum Quilt

A single block in four different colourways and some paper piece appliqué is all that it takes to make this pretty quilt in soft peach, plum, blue and nutmeg colours. The curves needed to create the plums are quite easy to piece with the patterns supplied.

Finished Size 50in x 67in (127cm x 170.2cm).

Autumn plums

Autumn Plums

Height  8 cm without leaf

Also sold as Kit

Autumn Angel

The Autumn Angel

Height  60 cm

Also sold as Kit

Autumn Bear

Autumn Bear

Height  51 cm

Also sold as Kit


Cat & Bird Quilt

This adorable quilt is truly irresistible, especially if you are a cat-lover. It uses fabrics from the Lazy Days range, plus some fresh prints from the Classic Basics range and a few pretty solids. The curved shape for the cat’s back is easy to sew using the patterns provided. The cats’ cheeks and noses are made using easy appliqué.

Patterns for Letter-sized paper, click here!

Finished Size: 52½in x 73½in (133.3cm x 186.7cm)

Cat & Bird Pillow

This lovely pillow is the perfect partner to the Cat and Bird Quilt and features two of the cat blocks from the quilt. It uses some of the same fabrics as the quilt, so refer to the fabric swatches in Fig A of the quilt instructions. The fabric quantities are much smaller for the pillow.

Patterns for Letter-sized paper, click here!

Finished size: 22¼in x 19½in (56.5cm x 49.5cm)

Playful Kitten

This Playful Kitten is so sweet that you are sure to want to make more. We chose certain fabrics, with details given in the instructions, but you can easily replace these fabrics with others from the Tilda ranges. The fabric amounts given are enough for one kitten.

Height: 29 cm

Beach Belle

This Beach Belle is on her way to the beach for a lovely, relaxing day while her quilt is blowing in the wind. A fun project and a lovely gift for a beach loving friend. We chose certain fabrics, with details given in the instructions, but you can easily replace these fabrics with others from the Tilda ranges. The fabric amounts given are enough for one doll.

Height: 44 cm

Flower pincushion

These flower pincushions are easy to make and make lovely gifts. We chose certain fabrics, with details given in the instructions, but you can easily replace these fabrics with others from the Tilda ranges. The fabric amounts given are enough for one pin cushion.

Size: 10cm square x 7cm high

Fan flower quilt

This fun quilt features bold flowers created using an easy Dresden wedge technique for the petals, plus a simple leaf block made from half-rectangle triangle units.
There is also a version of the quilt using predominantly pink and green colours.

Size 55in x 70in (140cm x 178cm).

four block quilt

This pretty quilt uses four blocks, but in different colourways to take advantage of many of the lovely fabrics in the Lazy Days fabric collection. The block is an easy one and creates an eight-point star pattern.
Matching pillow designs are also available.

Size 54in x 68in (137cm x 173cm).

four block pillow

This pillow is the perfect companion to the Four Block Quilt, as it uses exactly the same blocks. Only small amounts of fabric are needed. Two colorways.

Size 26in x 26in (66cm x 66cm).

Kitschy friends

Somewhat over the top with a unique dress sense.

Size 22,5 in (57 cm).

Dapper dachshunds

Lovely vintage toy-inspired dachshunds.

Size 8 x 16,5 in  (20,5 x 42 cm).

easter bunnies

Adorable vintage mini bunnies that are perfect for Easter.

Size 8,3 in (21 cm).

Birdhouse Quilt

This charming quilt uses only two blocks, one a mirror image of the other. It uses mainly teal and yellow fabrics. There’s also a red and blue version.

Finished Size 52in x 66in (132cm x 168cm).

Teapot Quilt

This is the perfect quilt to have on display when friends drop by for a cup of tea. There’s also a pretty fern green version of this quilt.

Finished Size 52in x 74in (132cm x 188cm).

scrapflower Quilt

This fresh and colourful quilt uses only one block but because it is made in twenty-four different colourways, it gives the quilt a charming scrappy look.

Finished Size 60in x 80in (152.4cm x 203.2cm)

scrapflower pillow

These pretty pillows were designed to accompany the Scrapflower Quilts. They feature four flower blocks in different colourways, framed by a simple border.

Finished size 22in x 22in (56cm x 56cm)

Duck Quilt

Explanations in two colorways, Grey and Blue.
Finished Size: 56in x 72in (142.2cm x 183cm) after binding

Plaid Quilt

Explanations in two colorways, Blue and Pink.
Finished Size: 51in x 76¼in (129.5cm x 193.7cm) after binding.

Cross Quilt

Explanations in two colorways, Red / Teal and Blue/Ginger. Finished Size: 56in x 72in (142.2cm x 183cm) after binding.

HAPPY WINTER Snowman Quilt

This quilt is sure to become a classic addition to your décor at Christmas time. Rows of fun snowmen and loving hearts are highlighted against a deep blue winter sky.

Finished Size 52½in x 71in (133.3cm x 180.3cm).

Snowman Pillow

Designed as a companion to the Happy Winter Snowman Quilt, this comfy pillow features five of the snowman blocks from the quilt.

Finished size 38in x 18in (96.5cm x 45.7cm).

Happy Winter Snowmen

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