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We just had winter holidays in Norway, and the tradition is to spend it skiing in the mountains. For Tilda there is no exception, and a small, but much loved Tilda “studio” can be found amongst snowy hills and pine trees, used not only in winter but as much as possible all year round.
While most of the country enjoyed an early spring, we had more than enough snow.

It seems like someone very small has walked alongside the track…
To the right you see a corner of Tilda’s little mountain studio, with old timber walls.

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What better way to spend the evenings than crafting in front of the fireplace, and even though it is snowy outside spring and Easter is soon upon us. Here are some ideas.


Early spring and Easter candy gift boxes

You will need: “All That is Spring” paper stack, ribbon, “All That is Spring” dimensional stickers, paper glue and a hole punch.
You will also need something circular approx. 7 cm wide. A glass is often about that size.

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The measurements are according to a standard size scrapbook sheet.

Fold a 2 cm edge along one side of the paper sheet that you want to use. This will be the flap used to glue the box together. Then fold the sheet double.
Fold each half in the middle, so that you have four layers as well as the 2 cm fold, see figure A.

Use the glass to draw a bow at one end of the folded paper. This will be the top of the box. The bow should not be more than 3,5 cm high.
Cut the bow, and trim the 2 cm flap on the side. Fold all the bowed flaps, see figure B.

The next fold will determine the height of your box. Unfold the sheet, and then fold across, creating the height you want.
Unfold so you can fold the first folds back together.
Cut 5 cm high flaps through all the layers for the bottom. Trim the 2 cm edge on the side, see figure C.



Use the flap on the side, and the bottom flaps to glue your box together.
Punch a hole in two of the bowed flaps opposite each other, and use a ribbon to close the box.

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Simple spring and Easter tags made out of Tilda tags, scrap book paper, and dimensional stickers. The dimensional stickers already have glue pads on them, so this is super easy.
You can use Tilda tag as pattern for the scrapbook paper tags.

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Paper candy cones are great for spring and Easter decor.
Form a cone and glue together, trim the top. Cut a nice paper trim or use a lace to decorate the top.
Punch a hole on each side of the cone for the suspension ribbon.
If it’s difficult to get the glue to hold the cone together, you can staple the top together to make it stronger.

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Products used in this post:
All That is Spring Paper pad, All That is Spring Dimensional stickers, Tilda natural string on spool Mist, Tilda ribbon 10 mm Pink seams, Tilda ribbon 10 mm Blue grey seams, and Tilda Paper Tags Teal.

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