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The Autumn & Winter collection 2023

Sleeping animals and nature motives is the theme for this year’s autumn and winter collection, Hibernation.
The designs are inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement with lighter elements on a dark background and a layered look, perfect for autumn and winter projects. Dusty colors such as nutty browns, hibiscus reds, blues and sage give the collection a timeless, vintage look.

Get ready for your own Hibernation feeling, safe and warm under lush quilts with motives from the Slumbermouse, Sleepybird and Squireldreams fabrics. The simple Hibernation blenders with eucalyptus and olive branches perfectly compliment the main collection, with some making great backgrounds.

This season’s projects take you from autumn through winter and Christmas.

Welcome to Bloomsville!

Bloomsville is an explosion of bright colors and flowers in bloom, perfect for summer projects. The feature design Garden Vista is inspired by old chinoiseries and a sweet motif found on a vase from a factory that closed in the 1960s. Ideal for small decorative pillows, bags and fun details in a quilt. The bold flower motif of Late Bloomer takes inspiration from Indian chintz with large imaginative flowers that are easy to cut into, making the pattern work well for both large and small pieces.

The Abloom blenders, which are certainly bolder than a typical blender, are a new favorite. They work just as well for a tablecloth as
tiny patchwork tesserae. I find them versatile and fun to work with.

With Bloomsville, I have challenged myself with color, and it has been a joyful adventure. Vibrant colors are what bring the patterns of Bloomsville together, creating a bold and fresh summer collection.

Have a creative spring and summer!

Chic Escape has arrived at Lalande!

Inspiration can be found in everything from a small heirloom to a memory, a feeling, experiences or people you meet along the way.
The inspiration for Chic Escape came from watching brave souls renovating derelict French chateaux on YouTube, but there has been no hiding that especially one chateau inspired this collection.
Chateau de Lalande with its charming owner Stephanie Jarvis and her wonderful family and volunteers their humor, kindness and way of life is my perfect escape. I could not help but drawing peacocks, pottery and lots of flowers.

Of course, we had to send the collection and tell the story. We are so glad it was well received. Watch as Chic Escape arrives at Lalande!

When following a Chateau on YouTube you are also supporting their efforts, so please share The Chateau Diaries with friends and family.

Chic Escape!

Our escape during lockdown, a rather chic escape I might add, was following all the charming people that have left their old lives behind to restore derelict French chateaus, on YouTube.
Starting their days knee deep in mud because of a leak and ending it with a cocktail party. Spending an uncommon amount of time in their dressing gowns often paired with wellies (I suppose their dressingrooms are just too far away) and flanked by a peacock while tackling obstacles like a bathtub falling through the floor. Trips to local flea markets (brocants), always on the lookout for vintage pottery, fabric and furniture to bring these vast buildings to life.

Chic Escape is inspired by brave people saving and bringing life and laughter back to old forgotten homes, and all our shared interests in vintage fabric, pottery and flowers.
A very special thanks to the wonderful people at Chateau de la Lande for all the joy and inspiration.

If you are looking for a Chic Escape that will put a smile on your face several days a week we highly recommend following The Chateau Diaries.

Hope you enjoy the collection!



Cotton Beach

Christmas is over and before you know it spring is in the air, it’s time to start planning this years spring and summer projects.
“Cotton Beach felt like the perfect name for a coastal cotton fabric collection. Shells, coral reefs and sea anemones are some of the motifs that inspired the mixed style designs. Colours vary from purples to dark and light corals, sandy greys, light and green teals and blues, and yellows to represent sunshine. In addition to the main collection you will find five beach shell blenders in softer hues, and a fun, new design called “Me and My Friend” in two colours depicting female busts in all shapes and sizes. Use the fresh Cotton Beach fabrics to applique clothes and hats on the busts and use them for personalized projects such as pillows, bags, pin cushions, sewn placement cards, charming ornaments or even quilts.