Free Patterns

Kitschy friends

Somewhat over the top with a unique dress sense.

Size 22,5 in (57 cm).

Dapper dachshunds

Lovely vintage toy-inspired dachshunds.

Size 8 x 16,5 in  (20,5 x 42 cm).

easter bunnies

Adorable vintage mini bunnies that are perfect for Easter.

Size 8,3 in (21 cm).

Birdhouse Quilt

This charming quilt uses only two blocks, one a mirror image of the other. It uses mainly teal and yellow fabrics. There’s also a red and blue version.

Finished Size 52in x 66in (132cm x 168cm).

Teapot Quilt

This is the perfect quilt to have on display when friends drop by for a cup of tea. There’s also a pretty fern green version of this quilt.

Finished Size 52in x 74in (132cm x 188cm).

scrapflower Quilt

This fresh and colourful quilt uses only one block but because it is made in twenty-four different colourways, it gives the quilt a charming scrappy look.

Finished Size 60in x 80in (152.4cm x 203.2cm)

scrapflower pillow

These pretty pillows were designed to accompany the Scrapflower Quilts. They feature four flower blocks in different colourways, framed by a simple border.

Finished size 22in x 22in (56cm x 56cm)

HAPPY WINTER Snowman Quilt

This quilt is sure to become a classic addition to your décor at Christmas time. Rows of fun snowmen and loving hearts are highlighted against a deep blue winter sky.

Finished Size 52½in x 71in (133.3cm x 180.3cm).

Snowman Pillow

Designed as a companion to the Happy Winter Snowman Quilt, this comfy pillow features five of the snowman blocks from the quilt.

Finished size 38in x 18in (96.5cm x 45.7cm).

Happy Winter Snowmen

Table Decoration

Duck Quilt

Explanations in two colorways, Grey and Blue.
Finished Size: 56in x 72in (142.2cm x 183cm) after binding

Plaid Quilt

Explanations in two colorways, Blue and Pink.
Finished Size: 51in x 76¼in (129.5cm x 193.7cm) after binding.

Cross Quilt

Explanations in two colorways, Red / Teal and Blue/Ginger. Finished Size: 56in x 72in (142.2cm x 183cm) after binding.