Free Patterns

Kitschy friends

Somewhat over the top with a unique dress sense.

Size 22,5 in (57 cm).

Dapper dachshunds

Lovely vintage toy-inspired dachshunds.

Size 8 x 16,5 in  (20,5 x 42 cm).

easter bunnies

Adorable vintage mini bunnies that are perfect for Easter.

Size 8,3 in (21 cm).

Teapot Quilt

This is the perfect quilt to have on display when friends drop by for a cup of tea. There’s also a pretty fern green version of this quilt.

Finished Size 52in x 74in (132cm x 188cm).

scrapflower Quilt

This fresh and colourful quilt uses only one block but because it is made in twenty-four different colourways, it gives the quilt a charming scrappy look.

Finished Size 60in x 80in (152.4cm x 203.2cm)

scrapflower pillow

These pretty pillows were designed to accompany the Scrapflower Quilts. They feature four flower blocks in different colourways, framed by a simple border.

Finished size 22in x 22in (56cm x 56cm)

HAPPY WINTER Snowman Quilt

This quilt is sure to become a classic addition to your décor at Christmas time. Rows of fun snowmen and loving hearts are highlighted against a deep blue winter sky.

Finished Size 52½in x 71in (133.3cm x 180.3cm).

snowmAn Pillow

Designed as a companion to the Happy Winter Snowman Quilt, this comfy pillow features five of the snowman blocks from the quilt.

Finished size 38in x 18in (96.5cm x 45.7cm).

Happy Winter Snowmen

Table Decoration

Duck Quilt

Explanations in two colorways, Grey and Blue.
Finished Size: 56in x 72in (142.2cm x 183cm) after binding

Plaid Quilt

Explanations in two colorways, Blue and Pink.
Finished Size: 51in x 76¼in (129.5cm x 193.7cm) after binding.

Cross Quilt

Explanations in two colorways, Red / Teal and Blue/Ginger. Finished Size: 56in x 72in (142.2cm x 183cm) after binding.