The perfectly imperfect world of Tilda

Tilda is a craft brand founded by Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger in 1999, best known for its whimsical and naive characters in the form of animals and dolls. There is a certain attitude to life in Tilda’s world, whimsical and romantic, like a ball gown worn with wellies – perfectly imperfect.The Tilda range consists of craft products such as fabric, paper and accessories, as well as home products and craft books.

Tilda products are produced and distributed by Panduro Hobby and are available in most of Europe as well as Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, New Zealand, North America, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.Original book titles are published by the Norwegian publisher Cappelen Damm who also distribute to other Nordic countries as well as Germany. UK publisher David & Charles distribute in the rest of the world. Tilda books have been translated into 18 languages.

The Team

There are many people working with Tilda around the world. At Panduro Hobby there are designers and sales personnel that work with the brand on a daily basis. Wholesalers, retailers and publishers working with Tilda around the world do a great job.

Here is a rundown of the people working with Tilda in and around the studio in Norway as we develop the look.

  • Tone Finnanger

    Tone is the founder and sole designer of the Tilda brand, which she started in 1999 at the age of 25. Tone grew up in Oslo, the capital of Norway, and now lives and works on a small island in the Oslo fjord. Her education is in classic painting and graphic design.
    Tilda has been a lifestyle for Tone, and has developed over the years to be a well-known and much-loved brand among crafters.

  • Ingrid Skaansar

    Ingrid is a big part of Tilda, responsible for styling, planning photo shoots and film sets, as well as part of the day-to-day running and development of the brand. Her experience comes from working as a product developer and stylist for several interior brands.
    Ingrid has been working for Tilda for 12 years and has styled 14 of the Tilda books in collaboration with Tone.

  • Sølvi Dos Santos

    Sølvi is responsible for all Tilda photography. She has an eye for capturing themes and light. As a well-known fashion and interior photographer she has worked all over the world, travelling from her base in Paris.

  • Camilla S. Molnàr

    Camilla is the brand manager for Tilda at Panduro Hobby in Malmö, Sweden. She is responsible for contact between the two companies and plays an important role in the development of Tilda products.
    Camilla has studied Business Administration and Marketing at Lund University in Sweden and has worked with Marketing at Panduro Hobby for 7 years.

  • ingun

    Ingun Eldøy

    Ingun is responsible for sewing many of the Tilda models. Her eye for details and technique knowledge is the result of great interest for sewing and many sewing courses.
    She has a passion for patchwork and quilting and has worked with bridal gowns for several years.

  • Tom R. Undhjem

    Tom is responsible for all the technical aspects of Tilda, including picture editing, making sure that Tilda books and posters are in the right format, and running the technical side of the Tilda website. Tom has been working with Tilda for 15 years through his company Undhjem Media.