The Faraway Tree

With over 12 years experience in the women’s fashion design industry, designer and pattern maker Mary Bellas turned her sights to children’s wear and started the brand Mary Bobbin.

We are very proud that she chose Flower Nest Teal from the Bumblebee Collection for her new collection The Faraway Tree. Follow Mary Bellas lovely work and beautiful photography on Instagram.


The Love of Home Bom

Jenny of Elefantz has moved 20 times in 25 years but says home is where the family is. Her priority is to make every place a home for her family and that inspired her to make The Love of Home BOM.

“A sense of ‘home’ is one you create for yourself, it’s a decision to ‘feather the nest’ by laying out the welcome mat, filling the kitchen with wonderful aromas, spreading familiar things in every corner, and encouraging your beloved family members to settle and bloom in their own spot.”

Jenny is generously sharing these lovely patterns for free. First up “We all need a home”.


ELEFANTZ block 1 love of home bom d