Behind the scenes

The days we photograph books are the busiest of the year, and there is not much time to take behind the scenes footage. However, we would like to share the few that wee managed to take during the Homemade & Happy photoshoot.

There is a lot of waiting for Tiril and a good book is necessary.  Luckily the other model Totto has the ability to sleep for twenty hours a day.
Sølvi is captured while showing Tiril how to stand in the door for the Welcome picture.
The portrait of Totto is taken by Tiril (fake fur of course).
Ingrid is holding the reflector, trying to reflect daylight into the darker arias of the motif, and Tone is setting up the layout and adding pictures as we work.


Button cards

One of the new series of products this season are cute collectable button cards with fabric buttons, wooden buttons and mini cotton reels. The cards have a sweet look with little vintage motives.

Our favourites at the moment are the fabric buttons, but that might change. The wooden buttons works well with the rustic cottage look in the new book, and the cotton reels can be used as sewing equipment for dolls, or on a mini sewing machine.


Buttons make sweet wheels on toy animals…
(Pattern from Homemade & Happy / Hjemmelaget og lykkelig)


Homemade & Happy

The English translation of the new Tilda book (translated as we speak) is due in November. The name is “Homemade & Happy”.

You can pre-order the English version at Stitch Craft Create or Amazon among others, or perhaps learn Norwegian and get the original version…

The Norwegian version is at the printers and will be out this month trough Tilda wholesalers and retailers, at Panduro Hobby, and trough the Norwegian publisher Cappelen Damm.


The Happiness is Homemade Paper Pad

For those of you who are into both paper and sewing, the Happiness is Homemade paper pad is paper with craft and sewing motives. Perfect for scrapping about your craft and sewing projects or for cards and gifts for fellow crafters.

There is also a pastel vintage Christmas theme going trough, so you can choose to use some of the motives for sweet crafty Christmas ornaments.

The pad consists of 24 double-sided sheets, 3 of each design, including cut out sheets with homemade angels, lambs and reindeer as well as sewing equipment images.
You get little woven paper heart baskets to cut out, sheets with button, thread and needle-cards and wings to use for your craft projects. There is also paper with simpler designs suitable for backgrounds. 
Here is a preview of some of the designs.

Have a creative weekend!


The day Amador learned to sew

We have followed the sweet and entertaining Amador “Amadoreros” on YouTube for some time as he flics trough Tilda books, and “houl’s” about products from his craft room in the US.
He has a passion for life, craft and quirkiness, and inspires many with his honest and humorous approach.

For a long time he has prepared to learn to sew. Collecting books and ordering fabric and accessories.
A little while ago (we didn’t discover it until now) he had a breakthrough.

His joy is infectious as three very pretty new Tilda strawberries see the light.
He later moved on to a Tilda doll, planning to get more and more advanced, but here is the clip of the day Amador learned how to sew. And his message is “Everyone can do it!”

We all have to start somewhere, and Amador will almost certainly inspire those of you that want to learn to sew from scratch.

Best of luck!