Summer Bag

A large summer bag is great for trips to the beach and this one matches the Painting Flowers quilt. The fresh summer colors are perfect with any colored denim and a nice summer tan.

The Painting Flowers fabric collection used for the bag is a limited edition collection, but you can use any fabric that you like.


We used the same block for the bag as we used for the Painting flowers quilt. The measurements are in inches and seem allowance is already added.

The pieces are then stitched together as shown on the right. As you can see the rectangles are pieced together in different ways.

You need two identical patchworks, one for the back and one for the front of the bag.


Cut two pieces for lining that are the same size as the patchwork pieces.

Sew the two patchwork pieces together as shown below. Attach wadding and backing fabric and quilt the patchwork.
The backing will not be visible because of the lining, so use something simple.

Sew the lining pieces together. Leave an opening for turning in the seem as shown on the right.


For the patchwork handles 4 inch wide pieces with random lengths are sewn together until each patchwork piece is 26 inches long.

Cut strips of wadding that are the same lenght (26 inches) but just 3 inches wide. Place the wadding against the back of the patchwork pieces, and iron in the fabric edges.


Fold the strips double so that each handle is about 1,5 inches wide, and sew along both sides.


Attach the handles on each side of the quilted patchwork piece with pins, as shown on the illustration on the left.

Each handle-end should be placed approximently 6,5 inch from each corner.

Place the lining right side down on top, and sew along the top and bottom edge, shown on the illustration to the right.


Fold the bag so that the two patchwork halves lies right side against each other, and the two lining halves lies against each other on the opposite side. The seems where the handles are attached should be in the middle. Sew along the edge on the right and left side.

Cut out a 2,5 inch square in each of the four corners.

Fold each corner opposite so that the seem is in the middle and sew across, see illustration on the right.

Turn the bag right side out trough the opening in the lining. Push the lining-half into the patchwork-half, and sew along the top of the bag, about 1/2 inch from the edge to keep the lining in place.
Sew the opening in the lining closed.

Your bag is now finished. Have a great day!

Summe Bag



The Painting Flowers Quilt

It’s always nice to sew a pretty floral quilt for summer, and the Painting Flowers fabrics makes such a fresh summer quilt.

The Painting Flowers collection is a limited edition, but the quilt pattern can work with any fabric.
The simple quilt blocs makes a sort of organiced chaos patchwork and works well if you use larger bolder pattens on the larger pieces, and then smaller patterns on the smaller pieces.

The quilt measures 80,5 x 51 inch (201,25 x 127,5 cm)


The quilt block consists of 4 different sized rectangle shapes. The measurements are in inches and a 1/4 inch seem allowance is already added. The rectangels in the block will be pieced together in many different ways.

Here are the pieces you need to make the whole quilt top. The letters referes to the measurements abow, Pieces called A are 5 x 3,5 inch and so on. The number shows how many you need. Remember that seem allowance is already added to the measurements.


The rectangles are then pieced together in different ways to make two larger blocs. The letters shows you where the different sized pieces go.

You need six of block 1, three of block 2, and then tree blocs that are the equivalent of the top half of block 2.
As you can see block 2 is a mirror image of block 1.


Piece all the blocs together as shown below, and your quilt top is ready.


We suggest using the “Summer Floral Blue on White” for backing, and “Nelly green” for the edge. The quilting is done by a professional quilting servise.



Have a great weekend!

Painting Flowers preview

Stitch Craft Create  made this nice little preview of the limited edition Painting Flowers Collection using our marketing pictures.
The collection will be released on friday the 1st of May, in two days!
You will find the quilt pattern on the blog the same day.

Cute dress

Bente Vikene Hermansen made this very cute summer dress in the Flower Ball Teal fabric from the Spring Lake collection. Lovely with the teal blue jacket. Visit her instagram account here.


Painting Flowers

For the first time in Tilda’s 16 year old history we have made a limited-edition summer collection. It will be released in May, and is called Painting Flowers.
It’s not only our first limited-edition collection, but the first collection that is intended for summer and released in May, so we are quite exited.


The inspiration is of corse painted flowers and paint dots, and as the sun is shining over Norway today, at least on this part of our very long country, it felt like the perfect day to give you a summer preview.


How long this limited-edition collection lasts depends on how quickly it sells, so if you think a Painting Flowers quilt will look good on your porch this summer then get ready. Most of our whole sellers have the collection stocked and ready for the release, and are taking pre orders.
The Painting Flowers collection also contains paper products, ribbons, buttons and boxes in addition to 12 fabrics.

We will release the pattern for the quilt and the bag on the blog in the next few weeks

Have a great day!


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