Notebooks and pencils

If you like to sketch and draw, or write down your thoughts and dreams you can do it in the sweet new notebooks that are available in the Tilda range this autumn.
They come in packs of three in two different sizes.
You can decorate your notebooks with matching paper decor, Adhesive Fabric Paper or Fabric Tape to make wonderful useful gifts.
In the Autumn Tree series you will also find matching pencils with flowers and spots.

Have a great weekend!


Tilda & Panduro

Some of our Nordic costumes have asked why the Tilda range is no longer available in the Panduro Catalogue.
Well, Tilda has for a few years had a catalogue of her own and the Tilda catalogue is now presented alongside the Panduro catalogue on Panduro’s web site.
Here you will find the news and all available Tilda products.

To get information and prices in your language and currency go to and choose your country. In most countries you will find the Tilda catalogue under “Browse catalogue”.
Klick on the product numbers to get more information about each product.

Have a great week!



Sweetheart doll

You might have spotted this little doll already, The Sweetheart Doll is proving to be very popular. She appears on the cover of the upcoming book and is already available as a kit.
We say “she” but this could just as well be a boy doll. The little hair buns are of course optional.


A large head on a smaller body with tiny arms and legs, who can resist that…


The doll kits are flying off the shelves and we are delighted that she is so well liked. The kit contains everything you need to make a doll except filling and rouge for rosy cheeks.


This season is all about the children, look out for the new book  Tilda’s toy box / Sy til barn to get more patterns in the same style.
Here is a small You Tube preview made by Stitch Craft Create.



Here is a look at the new Sweetheart collection.

Sweet, traditional colour combinations and a blend of patterns and mini blossoms give the Tilda Sweetheart collection a delightful charisma. The Sweetheart collection includes papers, ribbons, and buttons in addition to 12 fabrics and a charming house sewing kit and doll kit.